Why take inspiration from old VWs?

Aircooled Volkswagens are a lot of different things to a lot of different people. These are the cars that were created by the Nazis that became a symbol of 60's peace and love. They inspired songs, and movies - but most importantly they are the center of one of the largest and most passionate gearhead followings in the world. For every person who currently owns or is restoring an old VW, there are hundreds who have some great memory of these little cars.

Where else would we look when launching a new watch company that pays homage to the enthusiast?


We should note here that what you're looking at here is a prototype. We're going to keep all of our prospective buyers up-to-date on these little tweaks while we pursue the quality standards we keep for ourselves. Sign up on our homepage, or using the 'I want one' buttons here, and we'll make sure you know all of the latest. 


The Type One's design was largely inspired by early aircooled Volkswagen speedometers. We, of course were largely inspired by the iconic Beetle, but elements from other aircooled cars were carefuly integrated throughout the timepiece.

Notice the six red lines placed near 8, 10 and noon? If this were a speedometer, those red lines would indicate the maximum speed possible in first, second and third gear. A handy workaround which allowed designers and engineers to forego installing a tachometer. Their placement mirrors the shift points you might find in a VW bus.

The dial is three dimensional, with the inside chapter ring raised at an angle, just as you'd find it in the dash, but you may notice there are areas where we deviated from the original look. For example, instead of painted lines, the numerals are set into a series of concentric grooves which catch and radiate light, creating a depth which we think uniquely benefits a timepiece.


To make the Type One's distinctive strap, we sourced authentic 'Basketweave' interior material from Germany, and bonded and stitched it to genuine leather for maximum comfort and durability. We currently offer straps in five different colors.

Swiss Quartz Movement

The movement is the beating heart of any timepiece. Ours uses a one-jewel quartz movement from the respected Swiss manufacturer Ronda AG.

316L Stainless Steel

The Type One's proprietary watch case is made using a low carbon variant of stainless steel - often used to make surgical tools.

This is the metal used by many of the world's top luxury watch brands - chosen for its superior resistance to corrosion and resistance to scratching.