Why Start an Automotive Watch Company?

People don't need a watch to tell time anymore.

As a tool, the analog wristwatch has been outmatched. Any standard cell phone offers better timekeeping precision than any collection of gears could ever hope to achieve.

And yet, people still seem to buy and wear these antiquated devices. Why?

Many people wear a watch for fashion, but beyond that, watches have become a sort of avatar. People wear them because they represent something important.

For people fascinated by horology, this is a straightforward connection. A vintage diver or a limited-production dress watch reflects its owner's passion for timepieces.

But what about people with motor oil in their veins? Sure, there are quite a few car-themed watches out there; these are your Rolex Daytonas, your TAG Heuer Monacos and other five, six and even seven-figure watches you might find printed onto the back of a Formula One driver's Nomex glove.

They're all fantastic, but a passion for cars isn't limited to the wealthy. Not since Ford started cranking out Model Ts at everyman prices.

A Heel and Toe watch will not part velvet ropes, nor will it impress the Jonses. Every one, however, has been designed with pride, and an attention to detail that pays respect for automotive enthusiasm.

That's the principle this company is founded on.

Because people still buy watches for the same reason we still buy cars with carburetors or manual transmissions: We're driven by our passion.


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